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We used Neo Router, but Hamachi and others will do.You don't need to forward any ports if you are using Neo Router or Hamachi.This isn't really a problem since you shouldn't have unsaved progress since you are given the opportunity to save at the end of each quest before going to this crash prone location. I recommend doing item buying, inventory management, and restocking offline, going to Home and saving, then going into lobby only for hot spring then quick quest setup followed by departure on the quest. Also would be a good idea to back up your save files every few quests.Now, for getting into quests, the most important point is that with 3 players, everyone will always or almost always crash when loading the quest.The easiest way to accomplish this is with the alternate speed hotkey.

Pretty easy, just needs one forwarded port on only the server. I don't know about tungle and others since they are too advertisement-y and dirty feeling to me. Just because you see a direct tunnel to someone doesn't mean they have a direct tunnel back to you. If I remember right in Hamachi, green dot good blue dot bad.

2) The pings both ways through all of the VPN tunnels established by Hamachi 3) The performance of all Internet connections involved at the time of the drop.

#1: You must verify the pings to the general Internet of everyone involved.

We played it with 3 players (actually 4, as you will find out later) -- 1 at my house and 2 at my friend's house across the country.

Our pings averaged 100 and there was very little noticeable monster jitter you can probably make do with up to 200 or so.

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