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Why did you decide to write about this overlap of the trauma of war and the upheaval that awaited you when you returned?

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In "Death Letter" you write with great feeling, despair, and humor about dealing with the aftermath of both your deployment, and your wife's infidelity during that time.

That's good comedy--dark comedy--and it comes out in the book.

While I was working as a chaplain at Walter Reed [National Military Medical Center], most people, patients and staff, were surprised that I was a divorced chaplain.

What I didn't know was that I could lose more than my life. It can be their innocence, their sense of safety, or just the belief that the world is a good place. At first I thought it was my wife or my kids, but while I was living the experiences in this book, I realized it was God.

I didn't think that would happen when I got on the transport jet to Iraq.

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