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Some helpful online resources: Apologetics (Defending Your Faith)Bible Dictionaries Bible Software Christian Chat Christian Colleges Christian Magazines Christian Music Christian Reading Materials Christian Singles Christian World View Concordances Devotionals Missions and Charities National Organizations and Churches On-Line Bibles On-Line Radio Stations Other Questions About God Website Directories Creation Ministries International Creation Ministries International supports the effective proclamation of the Gospel by providing credible answers that affirm the reliablity of the Bible, in particular its Genesis Zacharias International Ministries Ravi Zacharias International Ministries seek to reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility and the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Three Simple Steps for Studying the Bible Find out how to use observation, interpretation and application to effectively study the Bible. built around four primary content areas Faith, Family, Fun and Community.

The link she provided, our review of a groove metal band known for their frequent anti-religious subversion of Biblical metaphor, let me know that she had definitely made a laboured, exhaustive look at our site lasting at least half a second before deciding we were the right venue for her.

All right, you've got your website chosen, your account set up, and twenty-eight days left on your free subscription--where do you go now? offers many suggestions for custom-tailoring your profile to attracting the perfect mate, such as "you should have a quirky screenname that helps you stand out without divulging your first or last name." This is incredibly sound advice--screennames can be a fun way to express yourself, and nothing expresses your individuality more than a name like 'Shlong Lord' or 'prays4pen15'.

We here at Scene Point Blank are all about promoting Internet safety through anonymity.

Each category is further subdivided into areas of significance to many Christians, including Bible Study, Devotionals, Marriage, Parenting, Music, etc.

Hi, I'm Pheiné, contributor to a site called only site exclusively dedicated to providing Catholic singles with helpful information for safe online dating.

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