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Currencies in both Japan and India fell steeply which had a negative effect on outbound tourism, particularly hitting South Korea where the Japanese are the most important source market.There was a fall in the number of inbound visitors and overnight stays in China, although outbound travel remained buoyant.“Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca and it seems that many people are still taking his words to heart nearly two thousand years later.According to UNWTO (the United Nations World Tourism Organization), international tourist arrivals in 2013 grew by 5% to a record 1,087 million.The overall strong travel industry growth in 2013 and its healthy future outlook was dampened by bad news emanating from a few key tourism markets.Egypt had begun the year well with the Egyptian Tourism Ministry announcing a 10% rise in visitors during the first half of the year.Asia and the Pacific were the two areas that were not able to join the party in 2013. Although overall visitor numbers to Australia, the region’s main market, were up 5% for the year, the slump in the Australian mining industry impacted hotel occupancy levels in Western Australia in particular and the over-inflated prices seen there in recent years started to fall, in some cases quite considerably.

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) is a regular report on hotel prices in major destinations across the world.

The economic recovery in Europe seems to be gathering greater momentum.

In December, Ireland became the first country to exit the Eurozone bailout programme, in January this year the UK announced yet another fall in its unemployment levels and, that same month, the Bundesbank said it expected the growth in the German economy, Europe’s largest, to accelerate yet further in the first quarter.

The international scale of, in terms of the number of customers, properties and destinations covered, makes the Hotel Price Index one of the most comprehensive benchmarks available.

It incorporates both chain and independent hotels, as well as options such as self-catering and bed & breakfast properties.

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