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Texas game wardens and Wildernex Wildlife Control captured the reptile within 20 minutes and released it back in its natural habitat.

None of animal sanctuary Gator Country’s 350 alligators have escaped, said its owner, Gary Saurage, after he was swamped with calls.

'I am doing my best to separate the man he was Saturday night from the man I married,' Rachel said through a family spokesperson. The main thing right now is my kids.'The couple was in counseling, according to the Houston Chron.Of the 310,531 apprehensions nationwide, about 304,000 occurred on the nation’s southwestern border. Since at least 2013, the majority of the those immigrants have come from Central America, a trend that continued in 2017.Data show that the Texas-Mexico border continues to be the most popular choice for illegal entry by that group of crossers.'Remember him for the fun loving person we all knew him to be.Things happen, one thing should not take away from who he truly was.' 'We are in shock but leaning on God for peace and understanding,' Courtney Lee Stiles wrote on Facebook.

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